Golden Lord

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Golden Lord is a net.villain created by Hubert Bartels.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Usability: Not Reserved


Once, he was a hero! During the Golden Age, Golden Lord was a member in good standing of the Classics Squad. But as time wore on, a certain phobia grew, and the changes in society began to bother him more and more. And in 1956, during the Classics Squad's last case, when the power of the Book of Deus ex Machinas was unleashed, he apparently disappeared...

In the early '90s, he reappeared, plotting to transform Net.ropolis back to an idealized version of itself using Captain Backdate's Backdater Ray Generator. However, this was interrupted by Manga Man, and while Golden Lord won the struggle, the plan was shelved— for now...

Challengers of the Abominable featured a different backstory and status quo for Golden Lord (possibly as a function of intersecting layers of Hypertext Time, possibly because the writer got confused). At the final battle of the Challengers of the Abominable against Y.E.T.I., he fused with Sasquatch Prime, sending both of them into the Quantum Zone and ending the threat of her villainy. When Professor Prime-8 used quantum fusion to merge the worlds, Golden Lord popped out – possessed by the Psycho-Pyrite! But by the heroic efforts of New Look Lass and Gorilla Grad, the worlds were unmerged and he was freed, though trapped in the Booniverse.

In The Continuing Adventures of Brain Boy, <things happened>


Obsessed with an idealized "golden age" (heh).

Powers and Abilities

Not well defined. Draws on the Golden Force, a realm of pure signal.


A tall, sternly handsome man. Distingushed, muscular, and alert, with a bit of grey showing at the temple.