HexFire Club

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The HexFire Club is an old organization of the rich and powerful dedicated to getting richer and powerfuller. They swear that the whole "beige" thing is a coincidence.


It was originally called the HeckFire Club in a previous continuity, before Hex Luthor changed it by hitting the Cosmic Reset Button.

In this current continuity, the HexFire Club has always been run by Hex Luthor's family. It was created by Hexagonius Empedocles Luthor, a great-great-great grandfather to Luthor, back in 1892; it was set up around a mystic flame, the HexFire, which gave visions.

During Beige Countdown and Beige Midnight, Hex used the Club to organize his manipulations, recruiting net.ahuman allies to aid his schemes and giving them access to its contacts in government and business.


Beige Countdown/Beige Midnight