Master of the Net

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The Master of the Net is a net.villain created by Mike Escutia.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Mike Escutia
Status: Deceased in 000SUPERGUY
Usability: Reserved


The Master of the Net first appeared on the scene with a plan to brainwash the world via Usenet posts containing hidden control files. He brainwashed the majority of the LNH in order to acquire the rnring, which would allow him to post his messages simultaneously to every newsgroup in existence. Unfortunately, the ones he missed – Pliable Lad, Kid Chivalry, and wReamhack – teamed up against him, and when Tsar Chasm decided that he couldn't let someone else control the Net, he was stopped.

...but not captured. The person they had thought was the Master of the Net was, in fact, a taxi driver named Reggie Davenport. The MotN had downloaded a copy of his mind to Reggie's body, and after his defeat, redownloaded himself to his last remaining brainwashed servant.

After the Robot Invasion, it seemed like Pliable Lad had become aggressive and ruthless, leading him to betray the LNH and murder Back-History Boy. But, of course, this was the Master of the Net. To revenge himself on Pli, he had taken over Amorphous Lad's body and taken his place. Pliable Lad defeated him by destroying the control implant on Amorphous Lad's body, driving the MotN from it.

Finding the net well-defended on the Looniearth, he decided to move his attentions elsewhere...

As a Superguy villain, he came into conflict with a hero team who had deep ties to the Looniverse: Team M.E.C.H.A.. He aided the techno-terrorist PenumbralPerson™ in plotting against them, and then took over her body. He created a virus which successfully killed Summer of Team M.E.C.H.A., until their AI Jenny (temporarily) died to bring her back. The Master hoped to rebuild his power base in his new body – but the AIs of 000SUPERGUY had found him out and took revenge on him for causing the death of one of their own, destroying his mind utterly.

But while the Master of the Net wound up dead in another universe, he left behind a significant legacy in the Looniverse's Net, as malware he created formed a significant part of Unity.


Single-mindedly fixated on conquest.

Powers and Abilities

Could download himself into systems and minds.


Usually dresses whoever he's possessing in an all-black bodysuit with a red cape.