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Morph is a net.hero created by Zippy the Punhead.
Alter Ego: Rick Mansfield
Aliases: Amorph(e)ous Lad[1]
Primary Writer: Jamas Enright
Status: Member of the Alt.Riders
Usability: Usable With Permission


Amorphous Lad was introduced to the LNH as a fun Writer Character with the secret identity of "Billy Squirt" during the Cosmic Plot Device Caper. However, only his name and his ability to shapeshift into anything made it onto the early rosters. With his broad powers and undefined concept, Writers rarely picked Amorphous Lad up for use in stories, especially after Pliable Lad came along and became the go-to shapechanging character.

Due to the nigh-universal awareness early LNHers had about goings-on beyond the Fourth Wall, Amorphous Lad slowly became bitter about his lack of use. He ended up leaving the LNH, but returned – not of his own free will. The Master of the Net used him as a brainwashed pawn in an attack on Pliable Lad.

Embarrassed, he left again. He found himself the target of crime boss Frank Bennington, who blamed him for destroying a valuable warehouse, an act the Phantom Walker told him he had done while under control of the Master of the Net. He was responsible for the death of another morph, It-Star, which many members of the LNH could not forgive him for. He helped to set up the Alt.Riders, taking Morph as his new name.

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A wisecracker, but also a solo player. He will work with others, but mainly for his own motivations, not those that motivate the group. He is, however, duped easily enough, and will stay with whatever new ideas are given to him.

Powers and Abilities

Meta-morph. Can shapeshift into anything, and we do mean anything (though his mass remains constant).


An all-over-red bodysuit (even the shoes), which is actually his morphed outer skin.



  1. Or "Amorphus Lad", in the very earliest roster.