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It-Star is a genetically engineered polymorph created by Jamas Enright.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: You name it!
Primary Writer: Jamas Enright
Status: Deceased
Usability: Reserved


One day, someone unexpected showed up at the LNHQContraption Man, who was supposed to be on religious sabbatical. Doctor Stomper detected a strange genetic fluctuation in his cells, but he seemed otherwise authentic – and was just in time to repair the broken Peril Room. Those efforts in repair summoned Fan.Boy, and in trying to fix it further, Contraption Man got a shock— and started changing shape...

The being that had been Contraption Man became Squeaky Clean, knowing nothing else, then Panta. In this form, she went on a date with Fan.Boy – only to turn into Master Blaster halfway thru. When they got back, they bumped into the real Panta, leading to Organic Lass examining the being, finding out that it was a mysterious shapeshifter.

Fan.Boy's ability to read published LNH stories allowed him to learn the shapeshifter's origin, and he and Deductive Logic Man went to Queen Enterprises to investigate. They learned that it was named It-Star, and was, in theory, sent as a gift.


Complicated; see Powers and Abilities.

Powers and Abilities

Can duplicate people perfectly, including their personalities; this displaces any other personality it might have had, with It-Star thinking it is that person.


In its base form, a humanoid with white skin, smooth all over, with the barest outlines of a mouth, ears and eyes.