Squeaky Clean

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Squeaky Clean is a net.hero created by an unknown writer.
Alter Ego: Eugene Clean
Aliases: Mr. Clean (future version)
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), former member of Generation Y, LNHQ janitor
Usability: Not Reserved


Squeaky Clean joined the LNH as Captain Cleanup's sidekick. After graduating from Net.ropolis Academy, he became more active in the LNH, and eventually replaced his mentor when he stepped down.


Easily distracted by details – or dirt and grime.

Powers and Abilities

Extremely keen observation serves to make Squeaky an expert clean-up man. He has a sometimes-supernatural sense of when mess is coming and what he needs to do to clean it[1], which he's trained to be able to use in a fight.


Wears sparkling white spandex overalls.


His alternate-universe counterparts include Cleanliness Kid of the Rosterverse.