Captain Cleanup

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Captain Cleanup is a net.hero created by Storm[1].
Alter Ego: Maurice Ekbye
Aliases: The Costumed Grime-Fighter
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), also former member (retired), also deceased
Usability: Not Reserved


Captain Cleanup kept the roster of active net.heroes in Net.ropolis. When the Legion formed, be became the original roster man and receptionist. He was eventually promoted to full membership status, though he still cleaned up around LNHHQ.

Captain Cleanup eventually retired due to the heavy workload, but left his ex-sidekick Squeaky Clean in his place.

In Elsewheres #2, he was badly injured, slipped into a coma, and died – only to return. It was revealed that the new version was a clone when the Alt.Riders found and released thousands of clones that the Queen Bee had created. The first clone retired in honor of the original, but the others are anywhere they are needed, with one rejoining the team.


Is usually portrayed as overtired due to his high workload. Neat freak.

Powers and Abilities

Appears when it is time to clean up. Is good at it. Carries nuclear-powered hand vacuum and several other useful cleaning accessories.


Like a janitor, but in spandex with a cape.


Crystal the Receptionist is his sister. Firewire is, in a complicated way, his alternate-universe son. The one who stayed with the LNH has lots and lots of clone-siblings out there.

Squeaky Clean was his sidekick and is his close friend.

Alternate-universe counterparts include Vindex of Looniverse-Dantalion.



  1. For a long time, Captain Cleanup was erroneously believed to have been created by Maurice Beyke (who was actually Comics Snob Boy), thus his name.