Crystal the Receptionist

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Crystal is a receptionist created by a telephone game between Hubert Bartels, Martin Phipps and Ken Schmidt.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Occasional receptionist at the LNHQ (Classic)
Usability: Free For Use


Crystal was one of the first two receptionists to work at the LNHQ, filling in for Fred when he wasn't available[1]. She was only ever part-time, and largely stopped after Tsar Chasm hired Kyoko Ishikawa, Lester O'Brien, and Bart Sears, but still fills in on occasion to this day.

Even as a normal Net.ropolis citizen, however, she got caught up in events, such as the time[2] she was taken hostage by Ironcast of the Youngstuds and rescued by Irony Man.


Pretty nice, tho she can get standoffish and a bit intimidating if she's tired or stressed.

Powers and Abilities

Skill in the secretarial arts, ability to put up with these clowns.


Doesn't seem to have ever been described.


Captain Cleanup is her brother. She's occasionally dated Fred.



  1. According to this thread, Crystal's origins are: Hubert Bartels used an anonymous LNHQ receptionist in Tales of the LNH #286; Martin Phipps remembered the character as female, and used said unnamed female receptionist repeatedly; and Ken Schmidt named her Crystal in LNH Comics Presents #4.
  2. Legion of Net.Heroes Volume 1 #70 – Footnote Girl