Kyoko Ishikawa

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Kyoko Ishikawa is a LNHQ receptionist created by Ken Schmidt.
Alter Ego: N/A
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Getting things done
Usability: Free For Use


Kyoko was one of the receptionists hired by Tsar Chasm, along with Bart Sears and Lester O'Brien, to back up Fred and Crystal, taking six-hour shifts in the LNHQ lobby.

She's been through everything the Looniverse can throw at a person, having auditioned to be Writer's Block Woman's sidekick, interviewed several different Holiday Miracle Pets, and transformed into a Dorf, among other exploits.


Smart and highly competent. A native Japanese speaker.

Powers and Abilities

Amazing administrative abilities. Trained in the ninja art of almost-being-able-to-put-up-with-this-nonsense.


Ethnically Japanese, somewhere in her twenties.


Is married to a woman named Serafine.


Kyoko was awarded Accies Favorite Supporting Character in 2004.