Holiday Miracle Pets

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The Holiday Miracle Pets are a group of magical animals, created by Arthur Spitzer and connected to various holidays.


Cauliflower the Christmas Miracle Pooch was the first known Miracle Pet, and set the tone for the rest. Miracle Pets have a strange connection to their holiday that often goes beyond traditional sorcerous magic and into the realm of the spiritual. (On a Writerly level, the way their powers work is kept purposefully vague, to make them feel more miraculous.) For unknown reasons, they are all named after vegetables, and many of them are associated with a specific Hollywood celebrity.

While most Miracle Pets have been encountered in the Classic Looniverse, some version of Cauliflower existed on Earth-20, and was reincarnated into Otherkin Lad, whose soul maintains the Miracle Pet connection. (As well, an evil alternate version of Cabbage was killed by Eggplant.)

The Holiday Miracle Pet Catcher is, of course, their nemesis.

Known Holiday Miracle Pets

Holiday Miracle Pet-Focused Works