Who Killed the Cat With Glasses?

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Who Killed the Cat With Glasses? (aka Who Murdered the Cat With Glasses?) is a one-shot story by the attendees of RACCCon 2012 (specifically, Arthur Spitzer, Rob Rogers, Saxon Brenton and Scott Eiler). It took place in the Classic LNH universe, used a Net.Trenchcoat Brigade tone, and imported characters and elements from the Superhuman World.


The story has four threads which join together:

  1. In the Superhuman World, Mary O'Hanrahan is called to a California town to investigate the ritual death of cats. She confronts the Satanist high priest Black Brady. They get swallowed by a portal to another universe.
  2. The cat MacCavity crafts cyborg duplicates of himself. But he's found an improvement: Schroedinger-style probability duplicates of himself! Habanero the Fourth of July Miracle Cat has to bring MacCavity to task before Habanero can confront other evil.
  3. Brad Pitt has joined the Net.Trenchcoat Brigade! He's investigating Schroedinger-style duplicates of himself.
  4. The Net.ropolis Police investigate a Doctor Schroedinger, who's created duplicates of cats and of who knows what else.




  • Doktor Schroedinger, revealed to be the Vapid Veterinarian!
  • MacCavity: The titular Cat With Glasses! His death! His life! His bloody-minded fury!
  • Black Brady: Satanist exploiter of cats! Spine-tingling terror!


  • Doctor Thelma Annlouise, who has a theory about world viewpoints as they relate to personal replication.
  • A lot of policemen, often named Sarge or Kid or Sgt. Kidd.


There are some plot threads which could be followed: