Black Brady

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Black Brady is a net.villain created by Scott Eiler. He starred in the Who Killed the Cat With Glasses? special.
Alter Ego: Pete Brady
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Scott Eiler
Status: Dead
Usability: Usable With Permission


Pete Brady grew up as a Afro-American youth from an affluent suburb in the Superhuman World. His father Paul Bradt had immigrated from East Africa — by way of Nazi Germany 1945. Paul changed his name to "Brady" and married an American woman, in an effort to fit into American society.

In grade school, Pete was often taunted for looking like one of the Brady Bunch, only black. He reacted by sacrificing stray pets to Satan and collecting their spines. On his maturity as an evil mage, he took the name Black Brady. He eventually became an agent of Satan, and was entrusted with the Devil's spine.

Black Brady was sucked into the Looniverse during the Who Killed the Cat With Glasses? incident. He was promptly flayed by enraged cats. The Net.Trenchcoat Brigade mage Brad Pitt took custody of Black Brady's spine, but it was captured by Devil Ass Boy of the Devil Legion.


Hated everyone who doesn't worship Satan. Probably had a lot of issues with his upbringing.

Powers and Abilities

Was able to wield magic. Was resistant to damage due to devil bones.


Formerly a fifty-something-year-old black man. Now, a spine.