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RACCCon is the senses-smashing real-life convention of the writers of RACC! Rad people get together to hang out, and a story is borne!


The convention venue was the meeting room of Starbucks in Benicia, California. Rob Rogers was the gracious local host. Saxon Brenton, Scott Eiler, and Arthur Spitzer traveled to attend. Dave Van Domelen, Jeanne Morningstar, Drew Nilium, Todd Kogutt and Mike Escutia attended via Skype session.

The main convention activity was writing the story, Who Killed the Cat With Glasses? Side trips were made to Muir Woods in Marin County, the Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, and the Camel Barn in Benicia. Great fun was had by all.


Benicia, California was the site of in-person attendance again, and Rob Rogers, Scott Eiler, and Arthur Spitzer were there. Drew Nilium, Todd Kogutt, Lalo Martins, Amabel Holland, Dave Van Domelen, and Jeanne Morningstar attended via Skype.

This year's convention story was The Syrup of the Gods.