Mr. Net.ropolis

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Mr Net.ropolis is a net.hero created by Amabel Holland. See also Doctor Net.ropolis
Alter Ego: Unknown, possibly Bobby
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Protecting Net.ropolis in secret
Usability: Free for Use


In 1941, Golden Man's first sidekick, Bobby, made his debut. Like so many Golden Age sidekicks, he had no real powers; he was just a kid running on borrowed time. That time ran out in 1943, when he died in battle against the

But in 1957, there was a public outcry as it was discovered Bobby's coffin was empty.

In 1986, a hero named Mr. Net.ropolis made his debut. He saved lives and battled foes such as the returned His exploits made him a well-known hero, but no one's favorite – few actually saw him, and no one knew who he really was.

In 1998, a Net.ropolis Times reporter named Carl Shepherd had a theory: Mr Net.ropolis was Bobby. Assigned the story by his editor after all the net.heroes anyone wanted were taken, he made plans to track the enigmatic net.hero down. He put a fake ad in the paper for a Mr. Net.ropolis fanclub, which attracted... Golden Man. Golden Man gave a long speech about how much he admired Mr. Net.ropolis but revealed nothing about who he was.

Carl Shepherd finally attracted Mr. Net.ropolis by threatening to throw himself off a bridge. Mr Net.ropolis made it clear that he didn't want fame or admiration, he just wanted to do his job, whether anyone else cared or not.

A little later, he aided Alicia Avenue in recovering her children from Myron T. Feebles, who had impersonated the He revealed that the had taken control of Bobby's body and put his brain in a robotic body of his creation.

Since then, nothing is known of Mr. Net.ropolis, which is what he wanted.


Determined and heroic. Prefers to stay out of the spotlight.

Powers and Abilities

Typical flying brick-type powers.


Dressed in blazing, bright colours and wears a long, flowing cape that sparkles in the morning sun. Has silver hair.