Necessary Evils

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Necessary Evils is a Classic LNH series by Jesse Willey, bringing characters from Hell's Titans into the present and laying groundwork for The Team. It can be read here.

   We wish to serve evil. God is evil. Therefore we serve God's will. God wishes people to die with his Necessary Evils. Which makes them good. Therefore, we wish to destroy all those doing Necessary Evil.
  —The Cabbage-Wielding Angel of Death

God has commanded the High Camden Yards, cult leader of the (nonexistent) islands of Nebraska to gather an army of supervillains! (Who sing Les Miserables filk!) The Cabbage-Wielding Angel of Death and Wotana are out to stop him at all costs! Action League: New Brunswick and Boy Redundant Lad are caught in the crossfire! Also featuring the debut of Nick Starless, Divine, and Supperboy, AKA Qwerg, the fungal foe of all who live!