Sidekick Ray

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The Sidekick Ray was a device created by Frank Marzan. It de-aged people to preteens and made them want to be sidekicks, so that Marzan could have a fresh supply for his business, Sidekicks'R'Us. This precipitated the Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks.

When Marzan tried to use it on a wider area, the Sidekick Ray broke – but only after bathing the city, the LNHQ, and Sidekicks'R'Us in its beam. As it turns out, turning a sidekick into a sidekick makes them into a campy, badly coiffured, mask-wearing short-shorts-clad chirpy enthusiastic weirdo who begins every sentence with "Holy" fill-in-the-blank, and who really wants you to be their mentor. Things did not go well for Marzan after this.

The Sidekick Ray was eventually fixed by the LNH and used to reverse the sidekickification effect.