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Great good gads... someone remembers my old days in the B'harnee jihad. That takes me back. Not quite the beginning, but definitely a significant step. Ah the many fond memories, the explosions, the carnage, the screaming...
Jaelle, Birth of a Villain #12.5

alt.barney.dinosaur.die.die.die (or "ab4d") began life as a newsgroup dedicated to venting hatred against the then-omnipresent annoying purple dinosaur, but became something far more. It played host to a large amount of anti-Barney revenge fiction, which gradually took shape into a complex and elaborate shared universe, the "Jihad to Destroy Barney," based on the underground guerilla war against the demon B'harne and its sponge-minions.

Among of the authors involved in were the Mystic Mongoose, Ted Brock (AKA Arsenal the Lone Warrior), Paul "uplink" DeSanto, and Jaelle. In one of Arsenal's stories, his avatar met his daughter from a dystopian future, Twaeila Brock; she later traveled to the Looniverse in Birth of a Villain. Arsenal also briefly brought in the Dvandom Stranger. Barney himself appeared as an LNH villain in the form of Lord Magenta. In Dvandom Force #42, "CRYSYS ON YNFYNYTE TYMS!" one of the Tyms who showed up was from an ad4d-based world.

Today, ab4d has been abandoned, overcome by one of the few forces of evil more powerful than B'harne: Spham. It now exists only as a receptacle for crossposting of incoherent and inane political rants; it can be read or posted to here if you dare. Flamewars over the direction the universe was taking drove many authors away. The Jihad has moved to a dedicated forum, which itself has lapsed into inactivity. The Purple One himself vanished from the airwaves in 2009, rendering the group's purpose obsolete [1]. But it left behind a considerable body of fiction and a ridiculously comprehensive RPG sourcebook, which can be read here.

See also Wikipedia's entry for Anti-Barney Humor.


  1. Though his old episodes have found new life in the eldritch landscape of Kids' Youtube, racking up millions of views. That is not dead which etc etc.