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On the Usenet of the '90s, B1FF was a pseudonymous user who acted as a parody of stereotypical clueless newbies, typing in all-caps with creative mispellings and excessive exclamation points, with enormous .sig files. "B1FFisms" became a running gag, and like many Usenet gags of the era, showed up in the LNH.

When Fan.Boy first showed up, the Peril Room, the HoloDecStations, and the Transmat Chambers got their wiring crossed; when he tried to bring up a program, B1FFBOTs started appearing – enormous men yelling "B1FF SMASH!" and making clueless comments while destroying property and brutalizing people. It took a dozen net.heroes to hold them off until Fan.Boy could unlock the computer and Doctor Stomper could transport them away.

The Meow Meow Gang and The Warlord are both derived from B1FF-adjacent Usenet memes.

See also Eternal September.