Meow Meow Gang

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The Meow Meow Gang is a team of net.villains created by Dave Van Domelen.
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: Regular cats
Primary Writer: Dave Van Domelen
Status: Chaotic mercenary organization
Usability: Usable With Permission


The Meow Meow Gang is a group of genetically-engineered, nanotechnologically-augmented cats created by the villainous Darkheart to carry out specific tasks, such as breaking the crimelord Coppermane out of a prison transfer van. Once trained to respond to their creator's every command, the surviving Meowers went feral after his defeat at the hands of Dvandom Force.

Over time, they upgraded themselves (creating their own operating systems, which, it is rumored, were sold to Apple as Cheetah, Jaguar, Tiger, and so on). They joined up with Barrage and the Legion of Net.Villains in the attack on the Ultimate Black Hole.

Powers and Abilities

Although they look like ordinary house cats, members of the Meow Meow Gang possess extraordinary abilities conferred by their technological modifications, including superfeline strength and speed. They have been used to broadcast instructions, and can link up with one another to form a formidable suit of armor.

   The cats extruded wires and cables from their bodies, connecting in two pairs and attaching themselves to his hips. Shakily, Coppermane found himself standing on two furry legs.
   "What?" he gasped.
   "A sample of our recent advances in nanotechnological alteration of organic lifeforms...These cats were specifically created to act as your legs, for example, while the one I am speaking through was designed to break through armor plate, disable normal humans and act as my eyes and ears. Now, come along," Darkheart chided, and Coppermane had no choice but to go where his legs led him. The tabby clawed through the hinges of one door, allowing the unsteady Coppermane to exit the van.
  —Dvandom Force #75


The Meowers appear to be normal cats, although they communicate with a "Mj30W?" This is an homage to the real-life Meowers' use of B1FF-isms to slip their messages past killfiles.


The group was inspired by the "Meow Wars," an early Usenet flamewar in which several newsgroup posters spammed a large number of nonsense messages, swamping on-topic communication in the groups.