Forgotten Gal

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Forgotten Gal is a net.hero created by Jeanne Morningstar. See also Forgotten Man, the Intangible Legion, and the Forgotten Vigilante.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jeanne Morningstar
Status: Hero of a vaguely anarchist commune in Net.ropolis
Usability: Free For Use


Forgotten Gal was a legendary Golden Age Nazi-puncher until 1946, when she fought a battle against Nazi sorcerers who were attempting to summon Nazi iconography versions of Norse mythological figures and change the outcome of World War II. She fought alongside the Eddic versions of the Aesir and the Valkyries, slaying the evil Wotan and pulling his corpse into Limbo to make sure it was extra dead.

She returned in 2002, when the corpse of Wotan was pulled out of Limbo in an attempt to change the outcome of the 2000 American presidential election (see President Evil). She punched the guy responsible, and after the dust cleared, became a freelance fighter against the 21st-century resurgence of fascism.

When said fascism was supercharged by the power of Neme.sys[1], Forgotten Gal leapt in, saving Maddie Turnip from the clutches of Shadez Radikal. After it was all over, she and Maddie joined a commune with Skrajny the Multinaut and members of the Shadow People.


Full of pep and vigor. Cheerful and proactive, with a very punching-based philosophy for solving problems, tho she's not without her moments of introspection. Super gay.

Powers and Abilities

Her main power is that nobody can remember her when she's not around. During WikiLull, she got the Nostalgic Brace, which counteracts this effect for people who have a strong emotional attachment to her. She's also dynamite at fisticuffs.


A tall, dark-haired black woman with a 40's pinup girl look and an infectuous smile.



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