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GirlWatcher is a net.hero created by Chris Gumprich.
Alter Ego: Chris Ankle
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Chris Gumprich
Status: Active net.hero
Usability: Usable With Permission


Born in,, his powers kicked in at the age of thirteen. Four years later, he traveled to Net.ropolis to join the LNH, but was rejected.

He formed the R.E.J.E.C.T.S. along with Ugly Girl, Retcon Roy, Mister Melodrama and Omnipotent Man, and managed to stop Omnipotent Man's rampage by tricking him into trying to resolve a paradox.

While Mouse was with her father, he tried out for and became a temporary sidekick for Writer's Block Woman.

Despite still not being a member of the LNH, he helped them out during Infinite April, and journeyed to the Ultimate Black Hole to stop the Legion of Net.Villains during Beige Countdown.


Very self-deprecating. Surprisingly intelligent. Is rendered virtually speechless around women, no matter what they look like. Still harbors a desire to join the LNH.

Powers and Abilities

Ogles women. That's... about it. Okay, okay; is compelled to hyper-focus on women, allowing him to notice tiny, infinitesimal details about them.


Wears a gold lame jumpsuit; one version has a stylized "G" on the chest, while another has a pair of binoculars there. No mask. Brown hair, typical standard face.