Insomnia Boy

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Insomnia Boy is a net.hero created by Steve Husty.
Alter Ego: Melvin Boyle
Aliases: Insomniac 5 (future version)
Primary Writer: Martin Phipps
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), former member of Generation Y, former partner to Incredible Unsleeping Man
Usability: Not Reserved


Insomnia Boy joined the LNH as Incredible Unsleeping Man's sidekick. He eventually graduated from Net.ropolis Academy, and became more active in the LNH as a result.


Insomnia Boy has devoted a great deal of his time to study. He is very impatient during the day.

Powers and Abilities

Awake at all times; requires coffee to remain alert.


Wears a blue costume that resembles pajamas, and if he's going out on missions, a blue mask.