Lone Boy

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Lone Boy is a net.hero created by Ben Rawluk.
Alter Ego: Max Mitchell
Aliases: Angry Face
Primary Writer: Ben Rawluk
Status: Probationary member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Usable With Permission


At one point, he was one of Boss Emoji's henchmen, under the moniker of Angry Face. After Gerund Girl beat him up, he reformed and became an LNHer, spending a five-hour stakeout with Never Lad which eventually became their first date.


Has a lot of anger issues, but is getting help with them. Has some alcohol problems. Loves Never Lad a lot.

Powers and Abilities

Powers derived from grim loner status, including advanced brooding in the rain, berserker rages, and enhanced senses. He functions most easily in darkness or heavy shadow.


An "angry hedgehog of a man" – short, with spiked hair. Typically wears a long plaid coat over secondhand clothes assembled without rhyme or reason. Favours thick gloves and boots. His eyes glow red when he uses his powers.


Boyfriend of Never Lad.


Has quarters in the third sub-basement of LNHQ.