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Multiple Personality Lass is a elven gestalt assassin turned net.hero created by Amabel Holland.
Alter Ego: Formerly Faerie, currently not applicable. Maybe Amabel Holland?
Aliases: see Personality
Primary Writer: Amabel Holland
Status: Active as a solo net.hero in Dearborn, former member of Teenfactor
Usability: Free For Use


[Since Amabel Holland has Elsewhirled the original Teenfactor series, some or all of MPLass's original history may no longer be canonical.]

When she was recruited to Teenfactor, Multiple Personality Lass (MPLass for short) seemed to simply be someone with dissociative identity disorder. But the truth was a lot stranger than that. She was once an immortal elven assassin, known simply as Faerie. She was sent to kill an immortal wizard called Voidmaster, but he placed a curse on her so that she absorbed the personality and memories of anyone she killed. She arrived in the present by unknown means and sought revenge on Voidmaster. With no money, food or knowledge of the present time, she killed many people to obtain these things until there were so many people in her head that she could barely think. (She seems to have taken almost entirely female victims, possibly to keep her already-fragmented identity from fragmenting even further.) So she let her other identities take over her body, exercising only limited control over them, while she secretly plotted revenge on Voidmaster.

Faerie became aware that Voidmaster had a daughter, Jennifer Frost, who he prevented from dying so he could twist her to evil. She infiltrated Teenfactor as MPLass and arranged an elaborate chain of events that would lead to Frost's death. During this time one of her personalities, Alice, went on a date with Anime Freak, but Faerie refused to let her out after this, and he started dating Red Castle waitress Mary Winters instead.

As Boss Supreme, Faerie first put a bounty on Samuel Terrence Forge's head so that his father Terrence Coffee would return. She then arranged things so that Wally Vane would become a powerful reality-warper, which led to Frost taking on the power of the Parody Force, which led to Terrence killing Frost. But then she realized that the telepathic Frost, who desired death, had been manipulating her all along (got that, audience?) and so decided to eliminate Teenfactor, who Frost regarded as her children. She hacked Teenfactor's files to frame them and sent a large number of villains after them. Eventually she killed Anime Freak with her own hands and sent a new incarnation of the Fountain Pen Four after Teenfactor.

Teenfactor triumphed, but it was too late. Faerie broke free from her body and her astral form entered a Dimension of Hate between universes, where she absorbed the hatred of her victims, boosting her occult power so that she could kill Voidmaster. But Electra unleashed all her hatred against Faerie, and it as too much for the latter to absorb, killing her.

While Faerie was dead, MPLass was still alive, and Anime Freak was now a part of her/them. Carolyn Forge built an "M-Dial" that allowed her/them to change personalities at will, and she/they left the team because her teammates didn't trust her/them. MPLass traveled to Anime Freak's hometown of Dearborn, Michigan, and became its first and only net.hero. Mary continued dating Anime Freak, in spite of his rather complicated situation, and assisted MPLass in her/their crimefighting activities. Later MPLass joined together with other survivors of Teenfactor in a final battle against Janis Kult and Voidmaster, and presumably again later to battle a zombie Gerald Ford.


MPLass's known personalities (of which she is said to have dozens) include:

  • Faerie, now deceased, also known as the second Boss Supreme.
  • Susan, a butch lesbian who had a crush on Vixen.
  • Jane, a jungle girl
  • An unnamed ninja, who has little time for relationships or anything that isn't killing.
  • Alice, a shy, sweet, retiring girl who briefly dated Anime Freak. (It would probably be impossible for them to get back together under current conditions.) (It would certainly be impossible for them to be more together than they are, anyway.)
  • Anime Freak, the former Real World Minus One Tom Russell. He is MPLass's only known male personality. (The levels of retrospective irony of all this are really off the charts.)
  • An unnamed individual with phasing powers, highly intelligent and curious.
  • An unnamed prosecutor from New York.
  • A young girl.
  • A cowardly individual with a defensive force field.

Mary calls MPLass "Amelia" when she/they are out of costume.

Faerie had little control over her different personalities, changing personality from moment to moment, though she could allow personalities to dominate for brief periods of time and also keep them from emerging entirely. The M-dial allows MPLass to change personalities at will, and is set to cycle automatically between them, allowing for more balance.

Powers and Abilities

She/they can use any powers or skills of her/their currently dominant personality.


She/they resemble Molly Ringwald.