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Metal'lika are a ravaging band of space warrior Idolons (who are almost certainly Net.Gods as well) representing Metallica. They wreaked untold devastation across the Looniverse, bringing the valiant Nap'starr to his knees.

They became the Imperial Guard of She Who Is Called Britney of the Spears[1], and battled Kid Quickly-Irritated-By-Others and Lunchbox Lass to prevent them from finding the Heir to Musical Integrity.

They are:

  • Ulrich, of the Death-Drums!
  • Hetfield, the Voice of Obliteration!
  • Hammett, He Whose Every Plucking of the Guitar String Signals the End of All That Is!
  • Newsted, who never gets to announce himself!

Besides their overwhelming space god powers, they are also masters of the art of Metallikato[2]


  1. An apparent parody/Idolon of Britney Spears, who may have Slickshiver.
  2. Because if Jeanne or Drew ever brought them back they'd never be able to resist that joke.