Mister Minister

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Mister Minister is a net.villain created by Jef Kolodziej.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Unknown
Usability: Free For Use


Mr. Minister first appeared during Electrocutioner's Song, plotting to trick the LNH into going after Table using an army of Marvel Zombie Lad clones. Later, he revealed a grand plan of revenge against his family, explaining that he and Sufferyng were, in fact, the sons of Rebel Yell and Lurking Lass from an alt.ernate future, thus making sure that ESong had an actual parody of the Marvel crossover Executioner's Song.

When his plan was thwarted, he and Sufferyng were believed killed in an accident that merged them together. In fact, this death was faked by the use of Paper Mache Decoy technology.

He returned in All Things Dark and Scary, manipulating Occultism Kid into getting him the Net.ronomicon. Though OK kept the book out of his hands, he still came away with a prize - the Guest Star Gem!

...which he then, presumably, lost to The Man With the Black Hat.


Mwahaha-type overlord who focuses on petty revenge for perceived hurts.

Powers and Abilities

Combines mysticism, technology and manipulation, with a focus on cloning and genetic manipulation. Has three assistants, named As, Sist and Ants, and a toady named Ego, as well as a computer named Squiggy, which talks with a voice familiar to fans of late-70s early-80s sitcoms.


Like Colossus of the X-Men, but wearing a preacher's outfit.