Patient Zero

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Patient Zero is a existentialist net.hero turned ghost cop created by Jesse Willey.
Alter Ego: Samuel Guildenberg
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Jesse Willey
Status: Afterlife cop, former member of Action League: New Brunswick, former member of The Team
Usability: Reserved


Samuel Guildenberg was an existentialist college student on vacation in Paris with his girlfriend Nicole. They were captured by the mad scientist Maursault, who ran the secret US government project Operation: Dreamfire. He was injected with an RNA virus derived from cosmic beings called the Concepts, transforming him into Patient Zero. Marusault put him through an elaborate mind-screw brainwashing scenario but he escaped, along with Nicole, who had become Absurd Lass. But they learned that the team's founder, Gasmaster, was actually Maursault, and left for Sig.ago, where they joined The Team.

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In A Night in the Darkness, Patient Zero and Absurd Lass were killed in the destruction of Sig.ago, but became afterlife cops.


Contrarian and fiercely independent. A devout existentialist who holds his free will sacred.

Powers and Abilities

Has control over his own existence, allowing him to "existentially teleport," turn invisible, and phase into another dimension.


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