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The Solar Sails are a team of magical giant robot heroes, created by Drew Nilium.

Hailing from the Silver City, a world of robots in another universe, they heroically protect the populace against mystic threats! No one knows their true identities, and they fight for the peace of the future!


When the NefariKingdom was threatening the safety of the people, interdimensional heroes Kid Enthusiastic and Like Rouge appeared, teaming up and helping the Solar Sails end the threat of Queen Transuranium Butterfly once and for all!


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Each version of these robots has the usual powers of giant robots, plus the ability to harness and redirect solar energy.



  • Leader: Solar Tide
  • Solar Ice
  • Solar Bay
  • Solar Storm
  • Solar Stream

Later Additions

  • Tuxedo Break
  • Solar Phoenix

Other Versions

An alternate version of the team landed on the Earth of the Superhuman World in 1984, seeking their race's makers. This version had the ability to combine into a single, even-more-giant-and-solid robot, Solar Sail Roboto. They remained on-planet until 1985, then presumably continued their exploration across universes. Their final fate is unknown.

A member of some version of the Solar Sails was a guest at the funeral of Sharkasaurus Rex, in the universe of The Super Wizard From Space.


The Solar Sails are, of course, a mashup of Sailor Moon with the Transformers.