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"I am the local equivalent of the Dvandom Stranger, guardian of reality and mover-along of the plot."
—The Munich Stranger, Digital JUMP! #6

A Stranger is an enigmatic, frequently fedora-wearing cosmic being who guides heroes, deals with cosmic threats and dispenses cryptic advice.

The overall organization of the Strangers is pretty mysterious even by the standards of mysterious cosmic types. Here's what we know: They exist in many Usenet worlds and comics-inspired fictional universes. They possess incredible cosmic power but (most of the time) don't act directly, instead working to assist that universe's heroes. They are bound by the Stranger's Oath, to preserve the Drama of the Story, which limits what they can do. There's usually one Stranger per universe; sometimes a single Stranger will watch over a group of closely-related worlds, as the Panjandrum Stranger does over the Isekai Worlds. They answer to an organization known as the Stranger Society or Stranger's Union which operates out of the newsgroup alt.stranger.recovery. People can become Strangers through an initiation rite, or leave the office of their own free will.

Known Strangers include:

The Walkers deny having anything to do with them.