Adamant Authority-on-Everything

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Adamant Authority-on-Everything is a net.hero created by wReam.
Alter Ego: Adam Evers
Aliases: Authority
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Not Reserved


Adamant Authority-on-Everything joined the Legion not long before Ultimate Ninja, as one of those wReam characters who pops up for the sake of a joke.

Tho he made a good gag character, he fell out of common use, and was thrown in the mysterious Cold Storage prison beneath Limbo. He was brought out by the mysterious secret agency who ran it, to re-apprehend one of the prison's most infamous inmates. He rejoined the LNH under the abbreviated alias of Authority, and ended up, thru shenanigans, saving the Looniverse.

He re-rejoined the team under his original name, bringing his annoyingly unshakable perspective with him and showing up in stories as a personality to bounce other characters off of. He leaned into super-science at times; he was part of the team who accidentally triplicated Onion Lad, and helped untangle the nature of the Inhilators.

During the Infinite Leadership Crisis, he became the Deputy Leader, the power behind the repeatedly revolving leadership... well, until he got turned into a baby, made actual leader, and poofed away when his day was up.


Thinks he knows it all and refuses to compromise his opinion. Obnoxious beyond belief, and enjoys lording it over people. Has an ethical system somewhere under there, and isn't interested in cosmic power or tyranny, just everybody knowing he's right.

Powers and Abilities

Sheer force of annoying personality. Over his time in the LNH, has gathered a fair amount of expertise in improbable science.

Temporarily had reality-altering powers after being boosted by Cold Storage.


Black bodysuit over gray Batman-style cape with hood; cape covers whole torso when still. Domino mask. Red "A" on chest.

As Authority, wore a red bodysuit with cowl bearing a yellow A on the chest, and a black demi-cape hung from his shoulders.