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Dev-Null is a interstellar rogue created by Dave Van Domelen. See also
Alter Ego: None
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Last seen inside a space whale
Usability: Not Reserved


The rapscallious Dev-Null, interstellar terrorist and troublemaker, is the last known survivor of the planet Qwerty. It wasn't supposed to be this way--it was supposed to be his heroic cousin, Myk-El, who carried on Qwerty's legacy. But when Acton Lord's plotting lead to Myk-El's death, Dev-Null was left behind to mourn.

He had been an enemy of Myk-El while he was alive; Acton Lord had considered creating a clone army based on him but thought better of it. After Myk-El's death, the Secret Dvanders found him on the ruined planet Qwerty on the anniversary of its destruction by the Dvorakian Empire; he helped set the record straight when Myk-El was framed for treachery and gain some justice for his late cousin.

Much later, <Beige stuff goes here>


Has a reputation for being prone to gleeful destructive violence. Can be very charismatic and charming, given Seyfert's reaction to him.

Powers and Abilities

Like all Qwertians, he supposedly would gain powers when exposed to a Red SunStation, but knows they aren't up to snuff. Makes up for this through the possession of interstellar criminal knowhow.


(Not described yet AFAIK).


Seemed to both resent and admire his cousin. (He does not seem to be aware of the existence of the divergent-timeline Myk-El who was restored to life by Retcon Hour.)

Has a fraught but powerful Thing with Seyfert.


Dev-Null is based on Dev-Em, a morally ambiguous Kryptonian (and/or Daxamite) from the Legion of Super-Heroes comics.