Golden Man

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Golden Man is a net.hero created by Chris Hare.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: The Golden Ager
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team), member of The Core LNH, former member of the Classics Squad, sometime member of the Challengers of the Abominable
Usability: Not Reserved


No doubt long and storied, but mostly unrevealed. He was active at least as early as World War II, as one of the Classics Squad, and was also a member of the post-war Challengers of the Abominable. His first sidekick, Bobby, made his debut in 1941 and died (or did he?) in battle against the in 1943. Decades later, Gary Niceguy was his sidekick for a brief period. He was a close friend to the Four-Color Kid until his death.

In the modern day, he showed up to defeat Marshall LaRocque and joined the LNH full-time. He's known as one of the more community-minded heroes, often spending his time rescuing cats, putting out fires, etc. in Net.ropolis.

He's often joined in on modern-day adventures as a viewpoint of experience, or as a contrast to a more modern-day- or youth-themed member. Currently, he's a member of The Core LNH.


Thinks in terms of Golden Age simplistic morality and cause and effect. So nice he's annoying. Tends to talk in an old-fashioned, heroic way; what that means varies from writer to writer, but generally, it involves declaiming a lot, and saying things like "Halt, evildoer!"

Powers and Abilities

Similar to the Golden Age Superman or Captain Marvel. Also has the effect of interacting with his environment in a Golden Age way; for instance, if he lifts a building it will be flat on the bottom with no plumbing, wiring, etc. Draws on the Golden Force, a realm of pure signal.

In his somewhat off-model appearance as part of the LNH Friends, he had "Golden Telepathy."


Sparkling golden tights, no mask, wavy black hair (with blue highlights), classically strong features. Has a subtle golden glow, which is more visible in the dark.


Has some kind of evil twin relationship going on with the Psycho-Pyrite.

Greatly admires the well-known but little-appreciated net. hero Mr. Net.ropolis, who may be his first sidekick, Bobby – but if he knows, he's not telling.

Alternate-universe counterparts include Golden Titan of Looniverse-Dantalion.