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The Intangible Legion are a subgroup of LNHers who, strictly speaking, do not exist. They are headquartered in the Zero Chamber, a secret room of the LNHQ whose existence is unknown to the rest of the team. It was founded by the late Exclusionary Boy, an apparent contemporary of Boy Lad who was "the original Legionnaire who never made the meetings."

Its membership includes:

  • Fading Dan, a man dressed in a dapper 1920s outfit.
  • Never-Heard-of-Before Boy, AKA Richard Roe
  • Impossible Gal, "who'd show up for meetings more often if she could actually exist"
  • The OneTime Wonder, a powerful LNHer who will only exist for one moment.
  • Just-A-Minute Lass, who "never can manage to enter a room until you've given up and moved on to somewhere else"
  • Mindlass, who had the power to make people to forget her when they couldn't see her, but became invisible due to a flight.thingy malfunction. (No relation to Forgotten Gal, as far as anyone knows.)
  • Answering-Machine Man, who could talk to the dead.

They first appeared in Particle Man Annual #1. When Particle Man was trying to figure out how to express his feelings to Sing-Along Lass, Fading Dan appeared to him and brought him to the Intangible Legion for advice, as they were one of the few people who he wouldn't feel embarrassed around.

Or they may have been just a computer simulation accidentally created by Particle Man, a hero who has had issues with unreality before.

Nonetheless, in the Omaha Project, Fading Dan went up to Net.braska to visit Richard Roe's brother John, AKA Haven't-Seen-You-In-A-Long-Time Lad, where they took on an infestation of unreal beings they called "shades" including an entity impersonating Boy Lad – although given the pervasive unreality of that storyline it's hard to know what to make of this.

The Intangible Legion and Invisible-Intangible-Inaudible Lass appear to be unaware of each other's (non)existence, tho Scary Ghost Lass is aware of both.