Kid Kicked-Out

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Kid Kicked-Out is a net.hero created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: Greeve Gaines (not to be confused with Greef Graves)
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: No longer leader of the LNH (Team Y)
Usability: Usable Without Permission


Kid Kicked-Out's grandfather was a harsh man, and kicked his father and mother out of their home. All three of them loved Kid Kicked-Out's brother more than him, and one day, Kid Kicked-Out picked up a rock...

He was kicked out again, and for years and years and years after, was kicked out of everything; armies, prisons, nations, Heaven, Hell, et cetera et cetera. (Sometime in this period he claims to have saved Looniverse-Y, but that it's "one of those situations where if I were to prove I saved Looniverse-Y, then Looniverse-Y wouldn't be saved".) Things changed when the Mysterious Shadowy Messing-With-Destiny Dude gave him the LNH Setup Kit instead of its intended recipient. He became the hapless leader of the team, unable to be kicked out. He fought net.villains, got transformed into a lady, and maybe, just maybe, became a better person.

Well, until he sold the team to Pister Y Maprika III in order to get rid of the debts he'd accrued in running it. He ended up quitting, and making his own net.hero team, with Exclamation!Missy!...


Kid Kicked-Out is somewhat cowardly, kinda greedy, and only heroic if he needs to be. What he'd really like to be is a wacky butler.

Powers and Abilities

Kid Kicked-Out has the ability to be kicked-out of superhero groups, which he's done quite a lot in his career. Some of the groups he's been kicked-out of are the Teen Fascists, the Before God Guys, the Desperately Desperate Desperadoes, and the World's Worst Heroes. He also has the ability to be kicked-out of class, out of dimensions, bars, the army, churches, prison, you name it. If it's a place, thing, or concept that you can be kicked-out of or kicked-off of, he can be and will be. He's also invulnerable to any physical injury (although he feels the pain, and is, in fact, more sensitive to it than the average person).


He wears a black and blue costume with a 'shoe print' for an icon on his chest and his back.


His enemies include Boot-Head, Baron Buttkicker, and Miss Take-In, none of whom have actually appeared in a story.