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Leadership Cry.sig: Net.ropolis 2023 (also stylized as Leadership Crisis: Net.ropolis 2023 or LCN23) is a Classic LNH/Lunaverse Chaotic Add-On Cascade about the battle for leadership of the Legion! It started in March of 2023 and is currently ongoing, and has been written so far by Drew Nilium, Arthur Spitzer, Rob Rogers, Subnet Mask, Jeanne Morningstar, and Scott Eiler.


When the Ultimate Ninja became leader of the LNH, he had to weather the Leadership Crisis to be confirmed; and after a vacation lead to the Infinite Leadership Crisis, he was tested once more, and proved himself again. But the chaos that ensued from his absence lead him to form a contingency plan...

...and when he had to leave the Looniverse, perhaps never to return, that plan was put into action. Nina Yamashiro took on the role of the Ultimate Ninja, and the role of Legion leader. But when she was trapped by a plague of Hungry, Hungry Sabertooths!, she realized she couldn't hide behind another's mask forever, and revealed herself to the world...


The mysterious Kid Unknown calls an election, and everyone throws their hat into the ring! But why is the all-new Z-Team chasing a bounty on the Ninja's head? Who will win the Great Game and claim the office of the Administrator? And could the original Ultimate Ninja really have returned...?


Servers of the Red Stapler War

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The cascade's name was inspired by the anime Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 (which was a reboot of the original Bubblegum Crisis, much as LCN23 follows on from the Leadership Crisis and the Infinite Leadership Crisis).