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Londonbroil is a net.villain created by Rob Rogers.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Rob Rogers
Status: Active net.villain, former member of the Surreptitious Seven/Legion of Net.Villains
Usability: Usable With Permission


The inept arsonist and would-be actor Londonbroil first appeared in 1993 as one of the earliest members of Easily-Discovered Man's rogues gallery. Having turned to a life of crime to support his thespian career, Londonbroil never enjoyed much success as a villain, whether working on his own or as a torch-for-hire for other criminals, including Deathstocker, Doctor Oblivion, or the Death Thoreaus.

In 1995, Londonbroil agreed to join forces with Easily-Discovered Man Lite in order to help Easily-Discovered Man become a super-hero once more, feeling that an active Easily-Discovered Man would be less of a threat to the criminal community than his replacement, Substitute Lad. During the course of that adventure, he temporarily joined a group of British super-heroes, the InterKnights, and became brainwashed by the super-criminal known as the White Dwarf.

Since then, Londonbroil has sometimes provided information about underworld activities to Easily-Discovered Man Lite — whom he considers to be the least dangerous member of the Legion of Net.Heroes — when he believes it is to his advantage to do so. When the vigilante Charlie Hustle cheated several super-villains out of their money, for example, Londonbroil told Lite of Hustle's plan to implicate the LNH in the assassination of the president.

During the Infinite Leadership Crisis, he became a member of the Surreptitious Seven, the team of super-villains led by the criminal mastermind Mynabird, and took part in the destruction of LNH Headquarters. From there, he joined up with the Legion of Net.Villains and took part in the raid on the Ultimate Black Hole.


Londonbroil isn't especially fiendish or mean-hearted, but he's amoral, with self-interest as his primary guiding factor.

Powers and Abilities

Londonbroil is armed with a chemical flamethrower. Despite this formidable weapon, however, Londonbroil rarely seems to harm anyone or anything. One exception occurred during the Infinite Leadership Crisis, when he burned the lobby of Legion of Net.Heroes headquarters.

What Londonbroil lacks in combat skills, however, he makes up for in his ability to network. His charm, experience and discretion have allowed Londonbroil to make many connections throughout the Net.ropolis underworld and elsewhere. He claims, for example, to have "a number of associates on both sides of the Irish question," and his criminal employers value him for who he knows as much — if not more — than what he can do.

   "What madness be here enacted, thou foul former-thespian fiend!" said the Prof, striding to the front of the group and shaking one orange-gloved fist at Londonbroil. "How camest thou to consort with such an ill-mannered, amoral being as he who has imprisoned us here 'gainst all that is native to humanity?"
   "Which is to say," said Londonbroil, peering down at us from the relative safety of a tall glass podium, "a gig is a gig is a gig."
   —The Adventures of Easily-Discovered Man #43

In the past, Londonbroil has played bass guitar for the Easily-Discovered Band.


Londonbroil typically dresses in an immaculate orange-and-yellow Lord and Taylor's three-piece suit. He also wears a bowler hat and a flamethrower strapped to his back.