Lurking Revampire

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The Lurking Revampire is a Revampire created by Jeanne Morningstar.
Alter Ego: Angelique
Aliases: The Lurking Vampire, Shadez Radikal
Primary Writer: Jeanne Morningstar
Status: Member of the Brotherhood of Net.Villains, former member of the Random Villains
Usability: Not Reserved


When the Pizza Pit rocketed to success on the back of the LNH's popularity, they created a prefab kid gang, the Radikool Kidz Klub, to market their kids' meals. (It was called the Kool Kidz Klub until the one black member objected.) One of the members was Shadez Radikal, the world's greatest hacker. But when the comic collector bubble burst in 1995, trans-dimensional economic effects caused the franchise to collapse, with only the original location still operating, and the Radikool Kidz Klub disbanded.

The former Shadez Radikal went goth and changed names to the Lurking Vampire, joining up with the Random Villains and becoming the archenemy of the Blak Wizzarde. And then...

In one branch of Hypertext Time: The Lurking Vampire decided he was weak and pathetic, and needed to become a Real Man. He pivoted to the alt-right, calling himself Shadez Radikal "ironically" and recruiting desperate young white men into a new Kool Kidz Klub that worshipped the evil of Neme.sys. But after a battle against Maddie Turnip, Forgotten Gal, and an Idolon of Hillary Clinton, he was confronted by Didio Brando, and realized he was weaker and more pathetic than ever. So he surrendered to the Change...

In the new history created by the Revampire's Bite: After quitting the Random Villains, the Lurking Vampire came to terms with being a woman. With Maddie's help, she transitioned, taking on the name of Angelique. But in truth, she was now the Lurking Revampire, follower and servant of Didio Brando.

And when Mistake's Brotherhood of Net.Villains formed, she was invited to join...


As the Lurking Vampire, whiny and emotionally draining to talk to. As Shadez Radikal, a smarmy front of confidence over hollowness. As Angelique, cool and confident with a touch of vampiric melodrama.

Powers and Abilities

Unknown, probably includes the usual Revampire abilities and weaknesses.


As the Lurking Vampire, short, pale and fat; a slobby geek. As Shadez Radikal, much thinner, wearing a suit and sunglasses, and radiating self-loathing. As Angelique, not described, but Maddie thinks she's cute.