Pointless Awards Man III

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Pointless Awards Man III is a bloodthirsty awards host created by Jesse Willey. See also Pointless Awards Man, Pointless Awards Man II, and Pointless Awards Man IV.
Alter Ego: Saxon Brenton
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: None
Status: Normal person on Real World Minus One
Usability: Not Reserved


During the plot against the 2004 RACCies, Saxon Brenton's counterpart from Real World Minus One was brainwashed by the Grapety Purple Man and sent to destroy Pointless Awards Man II. After the control was broken, he was returned home.


Brainwashed and bloodthirsty, then befuddled.

Powers and Abilities

Limited writer-editing powers, including turning characters into stick figures. Skilled in swordfighting.


Wears a black spandex suit with the words "Pointless Awards Man III" on it and a mask.