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There have been a couple of teams using the name Sidekick Squad, typically groups of friends more than formal organizations.

First Version

The first Sidekick Squad was composed, simply enough, of those members of the LNH who were sidekicks to older heroes. They hung out together but rarely engaged in net.heroing as a group until the formation of Generation Y.


Second Version

A later group formed out of sidekicks rejected by Vigilante Guy after he chose Jack Serious as his sidekick. They got drunk and bothered VG until Decibel Dude got annoyed, and formed the team at his suggestion.

This version of the team had a self-titled miniseries which was part of the Crisis of Infinite Sidekicks crossover. They were trying to make it as independent sidekicks in Net.ropolis when The Chessman attacked with his army of Zomkicks.