Ultimate Savior

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Ultimate Savior is a net.hero created by Arthur Spitzer. See also Penultimate Savior and the Ultimate Saviors.
Alter Ego: Adler Stim
Aliases: Jesse Cashew
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer, Steven Howard, Marc Singer
Status: Deceased, former member of the Saviors of the Net (but see Notes)
Usability: Reserved (or Adler Stim is, at least)


The Ultimate Savior was the leader of the Saviors of the Net. He revealed his secret identity as being Jesse Cashew, from Grassroots Ame.rec.a, who'd gained his powers from a Holy Hoop. In reality, he was a hacker named Adler Stim who had blackmailed the rest of the Saviors into letting him join their team. Doctor Net.ropolis had Retcon RACCoon create a new history, persona and powers for him, but it didn't quite take, and he soon began to age rapidly.

The Saviors were a distraction designed by Doctor Net.ropolis to help her keep the LNH busy so they couldn't stop her Mechanical Author from rewriting the world into a utopia. The Ultimate Savior realized her plan and tried to stop her, but was too late. The nascent Mechanical Author's minions, the Lords of Retcon, retconned all memory of the Saviors from everyone in the Looniverse. But Ultimate Savior wouldn't give up. With the help of the LNH, he led the surviving Saviors into battle against the Mechanical Author to stop it from breaking the Fourth Wall and killing the Writers. He did, but at the cost of his life. He was honored as a true hero, and a statue of him stands by the Fourth Wall to this day.

In 2007, a person claiming to be the Ultimate Savior showed up to endorse Irony Man for LNH leadership position in Beige Countdown. He turned out to be the shapeshifting villain Mister Nasty.


Adler Stim was a selfish and amoral computer hacker. Jesse Cashew was a corny caricature of a hero, a weak facade. But in the end he was no longer Adler Stim or Jesse Cashew, he was truly a hero, who lived up to the name of Ultimate Savior.

Powers and Abilities

With the power of his Holy Hoop, he could do anything a savior can, only better, such as turning water to wine, healing the blind, and coming back from the dead, although this last is understandably no longer possible.


A man dressed in a red, white and blue costume.


In a post on the status of the Saviors, Arthur Spitzer said "Marc Singer gave him a pretty good death. I'd say Adler Stim is definitely dead. But is Jesse Cashew?" This would later be followed up on in Arthur's webcomic, Ripping Off King Arthur.