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Warbabe is a net.hero created by Matt "Badger" Rossi.
Alter Ego: Cassandra Endris
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Peter "Tick" Milan
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team); former member of the Load Island Renegades; romantically involved with Vigilante Guy
Usability: Reserved


Warbabe was a mercenary who joined up with Swordmaster and the Load Island Renegades. However, after a while she left them for as-yet-undisclosed reasons and joined the LNH. She met Vigilante Guy during an assault on the Cult of the Cult Book.


Raving psychotic. Likes to shoot things. She and Vig were made for each other.

Powers and Abilities

Can kill you in 197 different ways, most of which hurt a lot. Somehow, she holds an arsenal's worth of weaponry in a tiny little leather outfit.


A hot dame wearing one of those itty-bitty Marc Silvestri type outfits.


In a cheerfully violent relationship with Vigilante Guy. Jynx is a good friend.