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Matthew "Badger" Rossi was a prolific early LNH writer, writing Swordmaster and the Load Island Renegades and the CAW! miniseries, as well as being one of the minds behind Retcon Hour and creating the Sword of Bazrael mini for the OSD imprint.

Eventually, he moved on to more Serious universes, becoming one of the founders of Omega and writing Tempest (based very loosely on the LNH Elsewhirls one-shot of that name) and Pulse there, as well as Warden for ASH and Grim for Crossroads. He really got around.

Eventually, he moved from RACC into being professionally published, writing a number of books, including the Nameless trilogy. His Patreon can be found here.


In both 1994 and 1998, he was awarded RACCies:Favorite Writer, along with an Accies:Favorite Writer in '94. In '94 and '97, he won Favorite Net Personality, and in 1999, he administrated the awards.

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