Acolytes of Dfandom

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The Acolytes of Dfandom are the foot soldiers of the Church of Dvandom, servants of wReamicus Maximus.

In Jungle Cheesecake, wReamicus took a group of Acolytes with him to the future to gain the power of wReamed Acton Lord through his son, the Perverticator. Later on, wReamicus fell into a coma and the Acolytes were led by Brother Bud.

The only other named Acolyte is Merger, who has the power to fuse people together; he merged wReamicus Maximus and the Perverticator. (Interestingly, his powers seem like they're inspired by the ending of Dvandom's Constellation, even though that wouldn't come out for more than a year after Jungle Cheesecake. He could be another time traveler too, maybe?)