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Analytic is a net.hero created by Lalo Martins.
Alter Ego: Meredith "Sammy" Samuels
Aliases: Analysis
Primary Writer: Lalo Martins
Status: Member of the New Misfits, former member of Acra Flight
Usability: Not Reserved


"Sammy" believes he has figured the world out -- and maybe he has! His moral code is very simple; stay true to your friends, protect the innocent except where that conflicts with rule 1, and don't harm any sentient being except where that conflicts with rules 1 and 2. Wherever he has freedom of choice within his rules, he usually goes with whatever will mean the most fun for his friends.

Analytic's English is correct to a fault. Any conversation with him is punctuated with insights from his power. Most of all, if he doesn't have anything useful to say, he remains quiet.

It's easy to dislike him, with his "know-it-all" style. However, the inverse is not true; for him, "bad" people are problems to be solved, and disliking them won't help.


Analytic is about 16 years old. He's a handsome young man with uninteresting light-brown hair, cut in fashion. He always wears simple, comfortable clothes, which look very stylish on him for some reason. No costume.


Meredith Samuels was born and became a net.hero in the alt.ernate future of LNH2. He came back in time with the other ex-Acra Flight members to form the New Misfits.

He and the other former Acras have decided not to let anybody know that they actually come from an alternate future.

Powers and Abilities

Analytic can perceive things other people can't (with his normal five senses, not any kind of ESP), and is extremely good at making deductions and connections with that information. He also has photographic memory.


In the alternate future he came from, his mother was Savannah Ramey, a.k.a. Out-of-It Lass, of the Misfits, and his father was Bryan Samuels, a.k.a. Explosion Boy, ex-member of the Junior Brotherhood of Net.Villains. In the present timeline, he has never met either.

Blackbird is his best friend. He feels protective of Whatever. Tree-Hugging Kid and Blur are also close friends. And he has developed strong respect for Bandwagon Chick.