Bizarre Boy

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Bizarre Boy is a net.hero created by Roger Domenick.
Alter Ego: Brian Hollenbrook
Aliases: Bizaro (future version)
Primary Writer: Martin Phipps
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team); member of Generation Y
Usability: Not Reserved


Bizarre Boy's almost limitless abilities began to manifest not long after puberty. Faced with such a terrible burden, he turned to the LNH for help in mastering his new abilities, and took on the name Bizarre Boy. He eventually came to join Generation Y as well.


Bizarre Boy's affection for Pizza Girl inspires intense jealousy at times, but he's otherwise harmless. He's a bit overeager and tends to get badly beaten in fights with villains. He could sometimes be weirdly sexist in "chivalrous" ways.

Powers and Abilities

Superstrength, energy projection, mental abilities, you name it :)


Wears a red spandex suit with a mask and a yellow cape.