Kid Enthusiastic Double-Junior

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Kid Enthusiastic Double-Junior is a net.hero created by Drew Nilium. Not to be confused with any other version of Kid Enthusiastic.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Drew Nilium
Status: Future member of the LNH3k
Usability: Not Reserved


Kid Enthusiastic Double-Junior joined the LNH3k in the alt.ernate future of Looniverse-3000 under unrevealed circumstances, and they accepted a five-year-old for equally unclear reasons.

He traveled with them back into the past, to the time period known as Just Another Multi-Writer Cascade That Will Probably Never Have an Ending, in order to stop the rifts that were tearing apart the Omnilooniverse. He helped fight LAN.os (kind of) and freed Plot King from the clutches of the Crossover Queen.


Highly energetic, no matter the mood.

Powers and Abilities

When he shouts "KID ENTHUSIASTIC!", he gets all of the Classic LNH version's powers, despite the fact that that Kid Enthusiastic doesn't have powers.

In practice, this seems to work on a metafictional level, with Kid Enthusiastic Double-Junior taking the original's effect on a story's tone and magnifying it to temporarily warp the genre of the story he's in towards lighthearted cartoonishness.


A five-year-old wearing a bright red jumpsuit with a blue septagon on the chest, which has the letters 'KE' inside it.


Presumably related somehow to some version of Kid Enthusiastic, maybe.