Knife Fight Dude

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Knife Fight Dude is a huge weirdo created by Arthur Spitzer.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: None
Primary Writer: Arthur Spitzer
Status: Hanging around the LNHQ (Classic)
Usability: Free For Use


No one is quite sure who the Knife Fight Dude is. Is he a hero? A villain? A member of the LNH? All that is really known about him is that he hangs around the LNHHQ and occasionally gets involved with various LNH Adventures. He has only one ear and claims to have lost the other in a fight with Satan. He killed California Kid's archenemy, the Arizona Kid. During Beige Midnight, he joined up with the LNH Resistance and helped them in their battle with the HexFire Club.


He believes that there is no problem so hard or complex that it can't be solved with a -- KNIFE FIGHT!!!!!!!

Powers and Abilities

Very good at fighting with a -- KNIFE!!!!!!

Has a Big-Ass Knife he likes to call Shirley.


<fill in later>