Munchkin Man

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Munchkin Man is a net.hero created by Joseph Delisle.
Alter Ego: Unknown
Aliases: The Most Worthy One
Primary Writer: None
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Not Reserved


Munchkin Man emigrated from to the Looniverse under largely undisclosed circumstances, acting like far more of a barbarian hero than is acceptable in a superhero universe. Despite his inappropriateness, he ended up joining the LNH. He managed to stick around for the long term due to his Ring of Being a Member of the LNH, popping up every so often and accumulating XP.

During Beige Midnight, he joined the team journeying to ancient Qwerty to try and stop Bart the Dark Receptionist. He turned out to be the Qwertian Most Worthy One prophesied in ancient legend... due exclusively to his overpowered Rings of Most Worthiness. He took the Meaning of All Existence and dropped it in his sack, then sped off to fulfill his quest goal. When Occultism Kid tried to recruit him for more help, he used his Amulet of Don't Have To Be in Beige Midnight Anymore and vamoosed.


In his first appearance, bombastic and violent. Thereafter, extremely selfish and cowardly. Focuses on getting XP and magical items to the exclusion of all else.

Powers and Abilities

A big sword and a ton of overpowered magical items. May have some form of Barbarian Battle Rage™.


In his first appearance, a blond, muscular, Conan-esque figure. Thereafter, a short, blue-skinned humanoid with a very high voice, usually wearing ornate magical armor and carrying a huge sack full of magical items.