Netter Liberation Front

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The Netter Liberation Front was a short-lived villain team who fought the LNH (Classic Team) alongside PrimeClone Acton Lord in the Electrocutioner's Song.

Lagneto then built a new headquarters for them in the Savage Place. When Onomoto-Puweeah Person made a deal with Lagneto to find the Rung of Revamp, he brought them into battle against the LNH, where they were captured and defeated seemingly for good.


  • Lagneto
  • Mistake
  • Rush_Fan: Floods his enemies with endless posts about Rush; won't hear anything bad about them. Briefly clashed with the Raiders and was instrumental in taking down their enemy Bennett Rush, the diabolical Doublecross, for taking the name of his favorite band in vain.[1]
  • Pylon: The token big strong guy, I guess. Once got into a bar fight with Easily-Discovered Man Lite, Substitute Lad and Superconductor along with a miscellaneous group of other net.villains.
  • IceHot: The product of a defective genetic experiment, she creates ice that's cold or fire that's hot.
  • Girl Next Door: Supernaturally attractive to men and probably women too, since that's where the LNH is right now.[2] Also has sharp, elegant murder nails.


Lagneto went on to a long and distinguished career as a net.villain/antihero, while Mistake recently came back as one of the East Coast Brotherhood of Net.Villains. The whereabouts of the other members are unknown.


  1. See Paper Tigers for more!
  2. Nothing is straight anymore. Nothing.