Plot Hook Lad

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Plot Hook Lad is a net.hero created by Saxon Brenton.
Alter Ego: Emanuel "Manie" Ladd
Aliases: Subplot Lad
Primary Writer: Saxon Brenton, Drew Perron
Status: Member of the LNH (Classic Team)
Usability: Not Reserved


Subplot Lad appeared suddenly in the middle of a Limp-Asparagus Lad storyline to set up Chris Melwizcht's plot with Exclamation!Master!. He stayed around to exposit and set up further plots.

During Flame Wars IV, he died alongside many other LNHers, due to a brain tumor induced by OMAR's trollification power. But during Flame Wars Final, he returned unexpectedly as Plot Hook Lad, bringing in a new plotline and setting up the possibility of tie-in issues! ...which never really happened, as FWF was left an unfinished work. Even so, he rejoined the Legion and worked thru the difficulties of having died.

He's implied that some future version of Masterplan Lad will be involved in his resurrection.


Originally, somewhat snarky. Post-resurrection, seems to have gotten some level of confidence and poise, but still has some of his youthful awkwardness.

Powers and Abilities

As Subplot Lad, only appeared in subplots, and was phased out of the story if it turned towards the main plot. Could sense subplots, and to a limited extent, other storylines.

As Plot Hook Lad, has an increased ability to sense plot hooks and which characters they go with, and can use a pair of superpowered fishing lines to pull himself at super-speed towards them. May have other powers.


A young Latino man.

Costume never described as Subplot Lad. As Plot Hook Lad, wears a white trenchcoat with shimmery silver trim over a white spandex bodysuit with silver boots, a silver belt with a gold buckle, and a gold, shield-shaped chest emblem with a silver fishing hook on it.